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How will my house be protected as a filming location?

In addition to the security of the Site Representative, there are other measures to take to insure your property and belongings are protected. The general expectation across the production industry is the crew will leave your house exactly as they found it, and they will need to provide both a security deposit and production insurance […]

How To Rent Your Home As a Film Shoot Location In India

Regardless of the rising popularity of energized films, over-the-top visual effects, and elaborate green-screen creations – real-world physical locations remain a critical component of modern filmmaking. In Mumbai, on-the-spot creations have expanded by 37% throughout recent years with all outshoots presently surpassing 15,000 every year. Other cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Guwahati, […]

Repurpose Your Space & Pay The Rent

As an entrepreneur or business person, paying rent is a never-ending issue, particularly in a spot as costly as the Bay Area. Offering your space to your local area isn’t just an incredible method for aiding get by but at the same time is an integral asset for extending your organization and developing your business. […]

5 Tips On How To Price Your Space

So, you’ve chosen to turn into a Host–great! Posting your Space is the initial move towards making some additional money with Royaleplace. So what amount would it be advisable for you to list your Space for? Choosing how to value a unique work area is totally up to the Host, however, we comprehend that this […]

Why Should I Host?

The present economy is trying for some organizations. Notwithstanding the always present trouble gaining clients and deals, rising rents, and high business contracts in urban areas, for example, San Francisco have numerous entrepreneurs perspiring. We accept Royaleplace has the arrangement: contemplate your underused space. By utilizing useful space in an unexpected way, individuals can track […]


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