How will my house be protected as a filming location?

In addition to the security of the Site Representative, there are other measures to take to insure your property and belongings are protected. The general expectation across the production industry is the crew will leave your house exactly as they found it, and they will need to provide both a security deposit and production insurance to cover any unforeseen damages that occur.

If you work with a traditional location agency or modern online platforms like Royaleplace, the company will take responsibility for handling payment transactions facilitating a substantial security deposit. However, it is typically the responsibility of the homeowner to ask for a copy of a crew’s production insurance. It is not a mandatory requirement, as some small photoshoots or live events may not need it. However, it is something you should at least always ask about and fully understand, before accepting a booking request.

Liability insurance is also something you should consider before opening your home up for commercial purposes. Royaleplace provides a ₹20,00,000 policy for all of our homeowners to protect them from lawsuits and damage claims from irresponsible renters. If you are arranging the shoot yourself, it’s something you will want to consider carefully. Fortunately, these types of incidents are rare in the production world. From the thousands of bookings we’ve arranged through Royaleplace, less than 1% have needed to involve insurance.

In addition to protecting your space from damage, you should also ensure that the production company takes “how-they-found-it” photos of every room they are shooting in so that they can put everything back together correctly. If you don’t like the idea of a crew moving your furniture or decorations, you can make that clear, or charge extra for the inconvenience.

If you decide to rent your house for a large film shoot, there may be prep or wrap days, where the production company is in your home getting ready for, or cleaning up after the shoot. This includes rearranging furniture, painting walls, installing shelving or light fixtures, or even landscaping. It’s common practice to charge less money for these set decoration days. However, that decision is ultimately up to you.

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